Employee onboarding software CleverLMS

Make the onboarding process smooth and seamless for your new employees, and time and cost efficient for you

CleverLMS employee training system
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Benefits of using CleverLMS for staff onboarding

CleverLMS is an intuitive and user-friendly employee engagement platform that is easy to navigate and can be set up in a matter of minutes without the need for any specialized technical skills. With CleverLMS, you can streamline the induction process in your company to make it easier for both new hires and your HR department.

How you can benefit:
  • Develop a single standard for integrating new hires into the organization;
  • Implement automated training courses for candidates;
  • Simplify the orientation process by providing new employees with all the materials they need to get started;
  • Monitor new hire performance and incentivize good results.

LMS that stands out

Reduce the cost of onboarding a new employee with a single, all-in-one platform. With CleverLMS, you benefit from:
Team learning statistics in the LMS platform

What is onboarding?

New hire onboarding is a crucial element of an organization's business success as it helps establish a long-term and thriving relationship between the company and a new employee. Speaking about the onboarding definition, it’s important to mention that it involves providing new hires with the necessary information about the company's internal corporate resources, processes, job responsibilities, rules, and workflows when they start a new job. The process usually takes a couple of weeks to a few months and forms an employee’s first idea of the company.

Moreover, the new hires adaptation process establishes the mood for the employee's time with the company and can greatly affect their level of satisfaction, commitment, and engagement with the job.

How companies benefit from onboarding

To get a better understanding of the onboarding meaning, try to think of the new hire training as the foundation of a building where each floor represents the years an employee will work for the company. A strong and stable foundation ensures that the building will stand tall for many years to come. Similarly, a well-planned orientation process can become a solid foundation for a successful start to an employee's career with the company.

Best practices for employee onboarding apps

When it comes to new employee onboarding, having the right app and onboarding program can make all the difference. To make sure you get the most out of your employee app, it's important to follow best practices, like:
  • automating repetitive tasks,
  • providing ongoing support and feedback,
  • making all materials easily accessible.

With the right onboarding plan and app, you can efficiently and effectively manage the orientation process for new employees, improving retention, productivity, job satisfaction and overall business success.

How to choose onboarding software

To help you choose the right platform, we have put together a detailed and comprehensive Onboarding checklist. Download it now!
Digital onboarding might be a tricky task if you don’t pay enough attention to the right platform that can cover both employee and company needs. Look for a HR onboarding platform that is user-friendly and provides a smooth, engaging onboarding for specialists, while also offering tracking and analytics features to track the effectiveness and performance.

Additionally, consider the level of support and resources provided by the software developer to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing use of the platform.

Increase your brand awareness and loyalty

Get your own branded white-label mobile app along with the web version, designed and developed according to your brand book and guidelines. Make your new hires proud they work for you!
  • Assess learning effectiveness and track results with advanced analytics, statistics, and automated reporting.
  • Mentor new hires and provide feedback on training and job assignments with Rating, Achievements, and Awards.
  • Personalize the entire training process for each employee with Learning Journeys.

See CleverLMS in action

Onboarding software cost shouldn’t be high — and we’re here to prove it. Request a demo and get your personalized pricing plan.