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Six Reasons Why Companies Opt for CleverLMS

Your all-in-one solution
We save your money and time. CleverLMS is SuperApp for Education, Motivation, Communication and Control. Users have everything they need in their smartphone, tablet or laptop.
Custom White label App
Unlock your company's unique App in App Store and Google Play. Look at the customization through fresh eyes. Offline access.
Full-fledged manager's mobile office
Managers can track statistics on employee progress and interact with them. Motivational tools to increase learning productivity. Completion awards, advanced reports, social interaction with comments and likes.
Profit Confirming by our customers
Save 70% of the budget on training trips. Training coverage 95% among the total number of the company’s employees. Managers don't spend time creating reports, they get it in one click.

Administrators create content and build online courses in a few clicks. Content is available for the learners immediately after publishing. Your team log in and lean into training anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
Global support
Technical support is included in the subscription fee. We have clear rules for prioritizing requests, we give feedback to the client on the timeframe for a solution. 100% of cases are resolved in 2,5 hours.
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