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Capabilities for administrators, users and managers

Available for iOS, Android and web:
iOS 10 and higher
Android 5.0 and higher
— Google Chrome, versions 43 and higher;
— Internet Explorer, version 11 and higher;
— Mozilla Firefox, version 38.0.5 and higher;
— Opera, versions 30 and higher.
mobile learning app CleverLMS

Administrators can easily create courses, assign to employees via the web application, and generate reports

  • Creation of content for e-learning in the LMS platform
    Administrators create content and build programs for e-learning
  • Materials for learning in the mobile LMS platform
    All materials are made available to learners immediately after publishing
  • Employee training reports in the training app
    Gathers reports in a convenient format for your own use or share it with managers

All reports can be exported to Excel and CSV formats

  • Personnel training reports
    Reports are both flexible and informative, providing you with many interesting facts
  • Convenient employee training analytics widgets
    Get instant insights with handy analytics widgets

Design engaging and effective online learning experiences

  • Upload courses to the learning platform
    Upload ready-made courses or create your own interactive videos with the built-in editor
  • Make learning tracks interactive with SCORM, PDF, HTML5
    Make learning tracks even more interactive with SCORM, PDF, HTML5 or webinar recordings
  • Motivate employees to learn with certificates and awards
    Engage learners by adding interactive tasks to your videos, and reward their progress with certificates and awards
No hidden or extra fees, everything is included in the price

Users have everything they need on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop

All content published by the administrator is immediately available to users

Employee's profile, training progress, and widgets that display important and necessary information. Learn more →
mobile learning app for education CleverLMS

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  • We will find growth points with the implementation of CleverLMS to improve all the business processes in your company
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Demo of the CleverLMS training system

Managers can interact with employees and track statistics on their progress

They have access to all user features, plus a full-featured mobile manager's office

The functionality of the chief in the LMS boards

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We will find growth points to improve all the business processes in your company and share cases from our clients in your or a similar industry