Making construction training easy with CleverLMS

Simplify the onboarding process, ensure compliance with safety standards, and upskill your workforce with ease.

Elevate your training program and keep your construction projects running smoothly. Experience the difference with CleverLMS – where efficiency meets excellence in construction training.

Launching online construction training with CleverLMS

Learning on the go
The CleverLMS focus on mobile learning, motivation, and task management means that your construction scheduling training and all learning is conducted right during work, as employees can watch videos via their mobile phones and then complete tasks to do their work while reinforcing knowledge, ensuring seamless experience and high efficiency.
Tracking progress
When organizing your training online, it’s important to be on track with all employees’ progress, so CleverLMS provides you with regular statistics on tasks completed completion time, and other metrics, so you’ll see their overall progress and make decisions based on it.
Customizing your LMS
Whether for construction estimating training or other learning activities, you can select only those features you need using the pricing calculator, while your app’s look can be fully personalized and released as a separate app, serving your purposes specifically: you can use it as you want, with our dedicated support on all questions.
Personal support
Our tool is dedicated to supporting you on all stages of your journey, from deploying and branding to course launching: we’ll arrange a personal call after your subscription and conduct all these stages together, and you can contact us in case of any inconveniences!

Empowering construction industry training with CleverLMS

construction industry training
Use personalized badges to recognize the best performers, track their performance using advanced statistics and reporting, and let employees buy something in your gift store using their reward scores.
Use the CleverLMS task manager features for construction employee training, assign and organize tasks, share feedback on completion, and see how workflows connect with learning flows seamlessly, ensuring robust upskilling.
Get feedback about all aspects of the work your employees are doing, ensuring that their expert opinion will improve the company’s productivity, while they remain loyal and satisfied, being able to share their opinion on the work they’re doing.
Lead the adoption of the latest technologies using discussion boards and media libraries to store and discuss the most suitable educational content, so your workers will use the best tools and work approaches to enhance their work safety and efficiency.

Creating construction training programs with CleverLMS

The first thing to consider in construction job training programs is ensuring work safety and standard compliance for all workers to avoid accidents. Launch safety education programs, using our task management tools with regular tracking and feedback to ensure full understanding and compliance.
A good construction training program includes extensive mastering of molding, welding, scaffolding, and, often, more hi-tech tools like 3D printing and robot operating. Use CleverLMS to create elaborated learning journeys with interactive video elements, so employees will master these skills, and you can check their level using quizzes.
Modern employees also require construction software training to understand how to use various software products for modeling, calculations, and design. Create video demonstrations and add appropriate content to your media library, ensuring that all your employees can access the required upskilling materials.

Optimizing construction management training for different roles

Ensure consistent quality and compliance across all facets of your operations by delivering comprehensive, easily accessible training to your staff.
Construction estimator training
With targeted motivation badges, your estimators will be motivated to constantly improve their communication and project estimation skills.
Construction machine operator training
Use interactive learning paths with demonstration videos to improve machine operator skills without detaching them from work.
Construction inspector training
Create specialized tasks with quizzes for construction and building inspector training so they can evaluate the workplace and submit feedback.
Construction worker training
Launch the construction laborer training where they can improve their skills while completing their work tasks.
Construction operator training
Use the combination of personalized tasks and group communication to improve operator skills in managing machines and equipment.
Construction superintendent training
Conduct the construction foreman training by teaching them to manage others with tasks and evaluate how well their employees are performing.

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Ensure consistent quality, safety, and standard compliance across all aspects of your business by providing comprehensive education to your staff.

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