Employee onboarding software that motivates to be better

Get a tailor-made employee onboarding tool,
designed to meet your company’s need and
efficiently engage new hires

Optimize your onboarding system using CleverLMS

Optimize your onboarding system using CleverLMS
  • Create personalized learning paths, and assign them to each new hire.
  • Combine corporate materials in a single knowledge base to simplify research.
  • Track task completion with an onboarding LMS to see how your employees master their work.
  • Ask for feedback, get advice, and encourage idea-sharing to ensure a self-regulated interactive process.
  • Reward newcomers
    for successful results with points, special badges, or even corporate gifts, motivating them even more.
  • Boost employee loyalty to your brand with a white-label platform and mobile application. Make your new hires proud to work for you!
Create videos, quizzes, longreads or upload SCORM-compliant courses and various content types
Generate reports, and track completion
Offer badges and rewards to recognize top learners
Share company updates, initiate discussions, solicit feedback, and provide support
Create customized interactive learning paths for every role or department
Increase loyalty
Get your own branded platform. Make your new hires proud they work for you!

Experience the onboarding platform CleverLMS

You’ll obtain a instant access to CleverLMS onboarding
system for team training made effective and fun.
Leadership in onboarding platform

Transform your employee onboarding program

By hands
Content disorganization and a lack of engagement
Limited accessibility for remote or distributed teams
Manual and time-consuming paperwork regarding each new hire
Additional costs on tracking, compliance, and instructors
No user experience: all required tools must be used separately
Interactive and engaging employee onboarding platform with a single knowledge base

Automatization of online employee onboarding with digital document management and communication
Accessible materials in a single place, anytime and anywhere
Cost saving with learning automatization and result tracking
Fully customizable user experience with a set of supplier onboarding tools.
List of information

Employee onboarding checklist

Learn more about staff onboarding strategies in our checklist and be sure that your knowledge will empower and protect you, no matter which employee onboarding tool you’ll choose.
How companies benefit from onboarding?
As searching for new hires is usually much costlier for a company than upskilling the existing talents, all activities that ensure employees’ loyalty and efficiency is highly appreciated. Establishing a stable onboarding is one of such activities, and you can see its efficiency on the statistics below.
What is onboarding?
It’s a standardized process of employee guidance when they arrive at their new job, to ensure their involvement and compliance with the company's values.
What are best practices for employee onboarding apps?

To answer properly, let’s see what mostly upsets the company’s employees and managers.  A lack of structured organization of all company-related data leads to a situation when HR managers spend hours trying to gather employees’ information. In addition, it’s often non-obvious where new hires should start, where they can contribute, and how to evaluate their efficiency. So, a good employee onboarding app:
  • has a clear user interface, compatible with the company’s branding and serving its work and training needs;
  • stores all employees’ relevant information, such as their skills, roles, and preferences, in an accessible and comprehensible manner;
  • has an extensive toolkit for course creating and content storage;
  • enables quick feedback and various communication channels;
  • generate report and statistics based on the completed tasks.

Training never stops.

You can be better every day - and new technologies always give you instruments to change the world!
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