How ECCO trains 2,000+ employees worldwide with CleverLMS

  • Use Case:
    • Get a mobile-friendly platform for corporate training
    • Maintain the same high standards across all of retail stores in different locations
    • Send company news to all employees at once
  • Key Challenges:
    • Deliver online training in a convenient format, as retail stores are not like offices and typically have only one PC in use
    • Automate the process of sharing company news, making it more effective and efficient
  • Key Features:
    • Corporate training courses and knowledge base
    • Integrated gift shop to motivate employees
    • KPI tracking for sales staff
    • Calendar of company events, including trainings and online meetings
    • Interactive tasks with the performance tracking linked to job responsibilities

About ECCO

ECCO is a leading and innovative footwear manufacturer and retailer. Originally from Denmark, it has successfully conquered the global market and now operates in almost a hundred countries worldwide.

The company entered the Western Europe and Central Asia market in 1993, and quickly built a reputation as a high-quality footwear brand, having over 200 stores and 2,000+ employees in the region by now.


ECCO is all about providing their sales force with the best opportunities for professional development and improvement. It gives each and every employee an equal opportunity to work their way up from entry-level positions to management. And to achieve this goal, the company has initially established its own internal training department called ECCO Club, where specialists and coaches all used to work onsite.

After a while, it became clear that the company needed to move its training processes to an online format in order to maintain the same high standards across all of its stores in different locations.

First, ECCO needed a mobile-friendly training platform, as retail stores are not like offices and typically had only one PC in operation. At the same time, every employee had a smartphone, and an app with a sleek design and intuitive interface could make the training process fun and easy.

Another feature the company was looking for was the ability to send company news to all employees at once, as most employees did not have a company email address, making it impossible to set up a newsletter. As a result, every time the company needed to get the word out, all the managers were involved and responsible.

To automate all these processes and make them more effective and efficient, ECCO conducted a market research and chose the CleveLMS platform as the perfect solution.

Solution and the results

CleverLMS provided the company with an easy-to-use mobile application that is completely identical in functionality to the web version of the platform. It didn't take long for ECCO’s management to move all of the company's data from their corporate CMS to the new platform and get to know all of its features.

To measure the effectiveness of the training, ECCO started to track some key performance indicators, such as:
  • Frequency of course attendance;
  • Percentage of employees taking optional courses;
  • User activity on the platform.

And the results they got are really impressive!

After ECCO moved its training courses and materials to the CleverLMS distance learning platform, employee engagement in training increased 3.5 times.
We chose CleverLMS for its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use yet full-featured mobile app. The platform has met all of our expectations.
Ilya Paraga, Head of Corporate Training at ECCO
ECCO uses most of the basic features of the CleverLMS platform:
  • Corporate training courses and knowledge base;
  • Integrated gift shop to motivate employees;
  • KPI tracking for sales staff;
  • Calendar of company events, including trainings and online meetings;
  • Interactive tasks with the performance tracking linked to job responsibilities.

Let's take a closer look at a couple of them.

Corporate knowledge base

In addition to training, ECCO uses CleverLMS as a repository for its training content and internal documentation. Since most employees do not have a company email address, the HR department uses the knowledge base in its online workflow to share documents with employees.

Corporate trainings

Through online training, employees learn about the company's existing products, new collections, and sales skills. The company has also recently added new modules to its courses to teach its sales force how to work with customers under stress. There are also separate onboarding courses for new hires and professional development courses for managers.

ECCO builds its courses using SCORM, long reads, videos and interactive exercises. To engage employees in the training process, the company uses an award system and rewards employee good performance with points that can be exchanged for real gifts in its online Bonus Market.
Our employees can now access training from their smartphones. CleverLMS’s intuitive interface makes it easy to understand. And the rewards and rating system helps motivate employees to take courses and complete tasks.
Ilya Paraga, Head of Corporate Training at ECCO

Future plans

ECCO plans to continue and expand its relationship with the CleverLMS team. The company has completed all the settings and adjustments, and now its main goal is to continue filling the platform with useful content. There is also an idea to use CleverLMS as the company's product catalog in the future.
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