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LMS solution for retail training

You cannot find an ideal salesperson, but you can educate one.

Get your tailor-made platform and create exquisite training for retail employees and partners.

Boost your performance with retail sales training

Those using retail store training have 3–5 times more revenue than average. Don’t you?
Control the information
Organize information in a clever way using your personalized retail store staff training app.
Always engaged
Use rich motivational features to guide learners via exciting learning journeys.
Watch the metrics
Obtain regular reporting on your online retail sales training and correct it based on statistics.

Your ideal salesperson training solution

Clever motivation system
Grant badges to the best learners and allow them to buy corporate gifts.
Customer service
Create your personalized app and contact us 24/7 right from your admin panel to get help!
You pay only for learners in your team. No hidden prices and overpayments.
CleverLMS empowers salesperson training courses that are recognized by various companies.
From retailers to manufacturers, everyone benefits from a personalized, motivation-based platform.

Franchisee & merchandising training

When people want to join your business, educate them to ensure your success.
A unique application
Build a tool that meets every single expectation and acts like a balm for their pain points by each of its features and colors.
Rich API integration
Integrate it with other platforms for document creation, work organization, and retail training services.
Being connected
It’s important for your partners to be connected in one hub. It makes training and consulting easier, reducing time spent and saving your nerves.

Empowering your partners and customers

Whether a customer product or retail merchandising training, CleverLMS can be tailored for it.
Microlearning for product familiarity
Create materials showing your product from all sides for franchisee training and customer education.
A digital academy for partners
You’ll obtain a personalized, white-label retail training app matching your purpose, so you can use it to expand your brand.
Scale safely with clever pricing
The price of each user reduces as their number grows, so the more franchisees you get, the more efficiently you spend.
CleverLMS is ideal to design any educational tool you want and need. Let’s start!

Building an ultimate retail training platform

What does the best LMS for retail look like?
You can teach your partners, empower retail employees, or involve customers in your product without bothering them. No personal attendance or 24/7 online access is required, just 5–10 minutes per day that change everything.
You obtain a white-label LMS, so you can select all the features you need and choose your design, and we can even host an app for you. From learning paths to features and design, all the retail LMS belongs to you.
You can guide and reward your learners like they’re on an exciting learning journey using personalized motivation features. From retail employee engagement to customer involvement, all their attention will be yours.

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Join recognized brands in their journey to connect all stakeholders and empower their facilities.

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