How Tarkett Serbia
engages both
its customers and employees
with CleverLMS

  • Use Case:
    • Streamline training for its sales force
    • Ensure staff has up-to-date knowledge of the company products
    • Improve external communications and increase brand awareness
  • Key Challenges:
    • People can’t attend the training sessions in person
    • Bring the brand online — both to its customers and to its employees
  • Key Features:
    • Training: Interactive tasks, surveys, tests
    • Communication: Messaging, feed, video calls
    • Analytics: Dashboards, statistics, reports

About Tarkett Serbia

Tarkett Group is a leading flooring manufacturer with operations in more than 100 countries worldwide. They are committed to providing innovative and sustainable flooring solutions to their customers.

Tarkett South East Europe is a sales organization operating in Serbia under the Tarkett Group. The company sells floor coverings, sports surfaces, and various flooring solutions to different segments such as households and commercial facilities, including schools and hospitals.


The company has a physical building in Serbia called Tarkett Academy, where they used to hold regular training sessions. However, due to the pandemic, people were unable to attend the training sessions in person, so the company initiated an e-learning platform to bring the Tarkett Academy online — both to its customers and to its employees.
The idea was to have a 24 hour open classroom.
Tijana Milovac, Marketing Director at Tarkett South East Europe
The company had two main business objectives in mind:
1. Streamlining their employee training process and ensuring that the staff have up-to-date knowledge of their products.
2. Introducing Tarkett Academy and spreading the information about the products, novelties, and Tarkett solutions.

The next step was to find an appropriate solution. And that's where CleverLMS came in!

Solution and the results

CleverLMS is a cloud-based e-learning platform that helps businesses of all sizes create, manage, and deliver effective training programs. It provided Tarkett Serbia with a solid and comprehensive learning management solution that allowed them to set up corporate training in no time.
We were looking for a reliable learning management platform that could help us simplify our training process and ensure our employees have the knowledge they need to succeed. CleverLMS meets our expectations in every way. The platform is easy to use, customizable, and has all the features we need to deliver effective training programs. Our employees love the gamification and customization learning features, and we love the ease of tracking their progress. We would highly recommend CleverLMS to any company looking to improve their training process.
Tijana Milovac, Marketing Director at Tarkett South East Europe
By implementing this easy-to-use and efficient learning management system, Tarkett was able to significantly improve its onboarding process and streamline training for its sales force.

Here's a list of features that Tarkett Serbia likes the most:
  • Training: Interactive tasks, surveys, tests;
  • Communication: Messaging, feed, video calls;
  • Analytics: Dashboards, statistics, reports.

The platform is used by both internal users, such as logistics and sales, and external customers. On the external side, the implementation of CleverLMS has successfully increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Future plans

Initially, the company found it challenging to attract customers to download and use the app because:
1. They already have a lot of information on their website;
2. People are simply tired of having too many different apps on their devices.

However, Tarkett plans to promote the app through a short video and publish information on their landing page and website.
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