How AROS builds a
community hub for its partners and employees

  • Use Case:
    • Provide employees and the company’s partners with accessible training materials
    • Build a common space for industry professionals for knowledge exchange
  • Key Challenges:
    • The existing solution doesn’t fit the needs of the company’s partners
    • Partners’ employees need extra motivation to complete courses
    • Platform that can be expanded for more users and turned into a professional worldwide community
  • Key Features:
    • Branded mobile app and web platform designed by the CleverLMS team for the company’s needs
    • Scalable platform that adapts to the company’s needs and the community’s size
    • Easy online and offline access to technical documentation and video tutorials anytime, anywhere using both computers and mobile devices, technical support and communication function

About AROS

AROS, an acronym for ASBIS Robotic Solutions, is a specialized sector within the ASBIS Group. The division focuses on creating, developing, promoting, distributing, and providing services for custom-made collaborative and robotic solutions.
Being a part of ASBIS since January 2023, AROS operates within several regions, including EMEA, MENA, Southern Africa, and CIS. AROS covers multiple lines of business as well – industrial, cleaning, delivery, and education, with multiple solutions in the works.
Information about the company AROS


AROS had an internal LMS solution that covered the needs of its employees. But that was not the case for AROS’s partners. The company needed a tool for both parties while encouraging communication and providing educational opportunities.
We work with different industries from almost every corner of the world, so we want our partners to feel involved in what we do. Developing a cohesive training system is the way to go.
Ilya Koloskov, Training and Development Manager at ASBIS Robotic Solutions

Solution and the results

As robotics is a cutting-edge industry, it requires leading-edge tools to keep the wheels rolling. And a Learning Management System is no exception. In addition, the ideal LMS for AROS needed to have gamification tools, provide communication options, and be cross-platform.

With CleverLMS, AROS was able to

  • Simplify the training process for new partners and employees thanks to courses and quizzes
  • Establish a professional community for robotics enthusiasts: have real-time conversations in chats, notifications about the latest news, and the ability to provide instant feedback
  • Give the users access to training materials, no matter what device they have
  • Comply with GDPR policies, as all servers CleverLMS uses are in the EU
  • Have a cost-efficient solution that is accessible from all over the world, fits for the teams on a smaller scale, but can adapt to fast company’s growth
I believe that the success formula here includes three ingredients: engaging and interactive content, timely updates, and regular feedback. If you have articles and videos that people love to read and watch, if you continue delivering new content while motivating people to discuss it, there you have it – a thriving community hub.
Ilya Koloskov, Training and Development Manager at ASBIS Robotic Solutions
As a result, AROS launched Skill Factory – an educational and training source for both employees and partners. Within a week, CleverLMS provided AROS with a web platform, and in two weeks – with an app for iOS and Android. And the most important thing, both the app and the platform are styled according to AROS’s brand book, which works great for brand awareness.
Most of our presentations are very detailed and have thorough technical specifications. You just can’t read them on your phone. Thanks to CleverLMS, we now also have a web version, so it is accessible for more users.
Ilya Koloskov, Training and Development Manager at ASBIS Robotic Solutions
A built-in gift store, CleverLMS’s original feature, turned out to be an effective motivational tool for AROS’s employees. The completion of a course provides an employee with points that they can spend on corporate merchandise.

As for partners, over 50 companies have already joined the program, and there are even more to come.

Future plans

In a year, AROS is set to expand the community and turn Skill Factory into a communication hub, where all industry professionals can share their experience, find out about recent developments and join on projects. Plus, AROS now has all the tools to enrich their knowledge base with various training courses, demo videos, and useful pieces for reading.
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