How Kärcher set up
online training courses
with CleverLMS

  • Use Case:
    • Provide training on company products and services to its dealers
    • Create a common workspace and social platform to connect the partners around the world
    • Provide a product catalog with offline access to each retailer
  • Key Challenges:
    • Provide dealers with an LMS for staff training, communication, and working with data, statistics, and reports
    • Get a branded mobile app with easy access to the platform from anywhere, even offline
    • Make the entire user experience interactive and engaging to encourage partner employees to use the app
  • Key Features:
    • Branded white-label mobile app available on App Store and Google Play
    • Product and course catalogs with public and hidden directories; role-based access system
    • Gamifications; training videos with interactive elements that require actions from the employee
    • Rich user functionality and intuitive interface
    • Offline access to all product catalogs and training materials

About Kärcher

Kärcher is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality cleaning equipment. One of the company's key principles is "Never stop learning and improving", which is reflected in its development strategy and innovative approach. Kärcher has always been the first to implement the latest technology in its products, services, and internal processes.
The company partnered with CleverLMS to develop a unique project — Kärcher Academy, which is fully mobile-friendly. This online platform is designed to provide training courses on Kärcher products and services and connect the company's dealers anywhere in the world.


With Kärcher's extensive range of products, it was crucial to ensure that its partners’ employees were aware about the equipment they sold and maintained.

Kärcher had been using SAP Success Factors as its internal LMS for staff training and motivation. However, when it came to providing a training system for its dealers, they realized that unlike staff workers, partners’ employees needed a strong reason to attend specific training. Kärcher had to make the training platform accessible and easy-to-use, and the training process engaging.
We aimed to provide our dealers with a convenient and engaging way to train, communicate, and work with statistics and reports. We needed to provide access to a platform on any device, even when offline. So a mobile app was a must.
Head of Kärcher Academy in Eastern Europe
To sum up, the company had three main requirements for the future platform:
1. Make it easy for partners’ staff to train, communicate, and work with data, statistics, and reports;
2. Get a branded mobile app with easy access to the platform from anywhere, even offline;
3. Make the entire user experience interactive and engaging.

Once the main goals were set, it was just a matter of finding the right solution. And that’s where CleverLMS stepped in!

Solution and the results

Initially, we tried to develop our own LMS in-house, as we believed it would be more cost-effective. However, we quickly discovered that many crucial aspects of the project were overlooked, leading to a myriad of problems that required sustainable solutions. And I'm just talking about a web version, not even a mobile one.
Head of Kärcher Academy in Eastern Europe
To choose the right LMS for their needs, the company conducted extensive research and developed 37 key criteria that can be grouped into five main categories:
  • Administration features;
  • Communication within the platform;
  • User functionality;
  • Training gamification;
  • Customer support.

After considering all the factors and options available on the market, CleverLMS was chosen as the best solution.
CleverLMS was — and still is — the best value for money.
Head of Kärcher Academy in Eastern Europe
Within a week, the company got its own branded white-label mobile app available on App Store and Google Play. It was entirely designed by CleverLMS according to the Kärcher brand book and guidelines. After the app was designed, the set up process took only 2 days!

After using the platform for a while, Kärcher collected the feedback and highlighted what they liked most about it:
  • All data is secured. Probably the most important thing is that Kärcher does not have access to its partners' internal databases containing personal information about their employees — thanks to the in-app self-registration system. However, the company has full access to analytics and statistics to monitor training progress linked to work performance.
  • Sales are on the rise. Thanks to the extensive and easily accessible product catalog, dealers now save time when advising customers, especially on new products, which ultimately increases the total number of consultations and sales.
  • Easy to create and manage content (and access!). Administrators have simple built-in tools to create, upload, and manage training materials and internal documentation, with the ability to protect files from being downloaded and shared. Access rights can be assigned to specific groups or employees.

Since Kärcher started using the platform, they have uploaded more than 700 products, which are easy to navigate thanks to the convenient search.

Future plans

Kärcher's plan for the future is to split up the content for different partners, e.g. select the most appropriate one to test hypotheses, and once the initial results are in, roll it out to all other retailers.
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