How Kazakhmys Group
launched a major project to train its employees online

  • Use Case:
    • Provide employees with the necessary safety rules for high-risk types of work
    • Make the entire training process engaging and interactive
    • Make the training materials understandable and accessible
  • Key Challenges:
    • On-site mentoring programs no longer work
    • Employees need training materials accessible anytime, anywhere
    • Ensure that training doesn't become an additional workload for employees
  • Key Features:
    • Branded mobile app, designed by the CleverLMS team specifically for the company's needs
    • Easy online and offline access to technical documentation and video tutorials anytime, anywhere from both PCs and smartphones
    • Professional development and occupational safety courses with interactive training materials

About Kazakhmys

Kazakhmys Group is the largest metallurgical and mining company in Kazakhstan, specializing in copper mining and processing. In 2022, the company set up an online academy to provide distance training courses on industrial safety to employees at all its sites. Then they realized that this wasn't the only area that needed development. The company decided to contribute to the professional development of every employee in order to bring all work processes up to the same standard.
Currently, there are over 120 various training courses running by the company. Keep reading to find out what opportunities and benefits this brings to the company and its employees.


First, we need to provide some context. Today, there is a significant gap between the theoretical knowledge that students graduate with and the practical skills they need to work. Typically, graduates enter their new jobs with very limited practical experience and a lack of understanding of real-world work processes. At the same time, many experienced workers who've been with the company for a long time are retiring, making mentoring programs and sharing of experience impossible.

With this in mind, Kazakhmys decided to move away from the offline, classroom-based training format to an online training format that could provide a single standard of both professional development and industrial safety rules for all employees. The main challenge was to make the entire training process interactive and engaging for young employees from their first day on the job.
Our goal was to make sure that our corporate training wouldn't be an extra workload for our employees. We wanted to make it as easy and convenient (hence effective!) as possible for each employee.
Sergey Mitrichev, Head of Corporate Training Department at Kazakhmys
Another task was to explain in a simple and understandable way the basic safety rules for those types of work where high risks are involved. Often, important information was stored in multiple sources, such as different instructions, regulations, and other documents. It was not always quickly accessible, nor was it always presented in a consistent and understandable way. The challenge was to identify the key information needed for each job position and present it in a video format making it truly useful.
We follow the government rules for occupational safety and health training, while providing employees with opportunities for career growth by developing their professional skills. We value our employees the most, and we believe that more qualified and proactive employees can make the entire production process more effective and safer. It's a win-win strategy!
Yuri Gudnin, Head of Occupational Safety and Health Department at Kazakhmys
With the goals set, it was just a matter of finding the right solution. And that’s the moment when CleverLMS showed up!

Solution and the results

Kazakhmys got its own branded mobile app, designed by the CleverLMS team specifically for their needs. Using the app to provide corporate education, the company covers over 15 types of its internal positions through its interactive and comprehensive training courses. Each course is 10 to 30 minutes long, making it easy and convenient for employees to get the information.

The mobile-friendly platform allows employees to have everything they need to do their jobs in one place and right at their fingertips — on a computer or smartphone.

They have a constant online and offline access to:
  • Interactive training materials, tests, and assessments;
  • Technical documentation, manuals, and video tutorials required for work;
  • Corporate calendar where they can request to attend upcoming events;
  • Professional development and occupational safety courses;
  • Company news feed and messaging with the coworkers.

The courses are divided into several categories based on content. Kazakhmys' experienced employees make videos in the mines or on the production line, explaining safety rules, sharing tips and showing how certain processes or equipment work. It's important to note that all training materials are always available when needed on the job. All you have to do is open the app — simple as that.
The skills we gain from completing training courses are very useful not only in our current job positions, but also for professional development within the company. The app is literally saving our lives by keeping aware of safety rules while providing an opportunity for career growth.
Medet, one of the mine workers who regularly uses the app
Hundreds of company employees, including miners, engineers, and managers, have already completed training using the app. They've shown a high level of interest and provided really good feedback on the app, saying it's useful and easy to use. And the numbers speak for themselves — for all the courses completed, the average user rating is now 4.8/5.

Future plans

The training courses are developed together with the company's most qualified experts — experienced workers and veterans who have something to pass on to new employees. This year, the company plans to bring in outsourced experts from other companies to help develop the courses and share international practices and experience from world-class companies.
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