How UI Profi set up online courses for 600+ students in three days

  • Use Case:
    • Convert offline courses to an online format and keep students engaged
    • Make it easy for teachers to go online and teach from anywhere
  • Key Challenges:
    • Encourage both students and teachers to move to an online classroom format
    • Keep learners interested and engaged with the learning
    • Make it easy for teachers to teach online by providing them with all the tools they need to deliver effective lessons
  • Key Features:
    • Gamification: Rating system, score points, online gift store
    • Communication: Voice and text chats, feed, video calls
    • Tests and surveys: Interactive tasks with feedback collection

About UI Profi

The organization used to conduct all of its educational activities entirely offline. It provided classrooms where students came to study onsite with volunteer teachers. But when Covid hit, everything changed dramatically—and the company had to look for a solution to adapt to the new reality.
As all our students are the zoomer generation, we knew that an easy-to-use mobile app with an intuitive interface was the only thing that would keep them engaged with the learning.
Helen, Founder of Ul Profi

Ul Profi had two main goals to achieve:

  • Convert all of their offline courses to an online format and make sure young learners are still interested;
  • Make it easy for volunteer teachers to conduct online lessons and equip them with everything they might need.
The next step was to find a suitable solution that would satisfy both groups of users at once. And that's where CleverLMS stepped in!

Solution and the results

CleverLMS is a cross-platform e-learning platform that helps create, manage, and deliver interactive learning courses. It only took three days for the CleverLMS team to provide UI Profi with the branded mobile learning app that syncs with the full web version based on the existing SaaS solution.

Wow fact: the first day after the app was announced, 72% of the students had registered and were studying on the platform. It was a total success!

For students, it's gamification that has just hit the mark. The main principle is simple: you study and get high grades → you get points → you exchange the points for real gifts, e.g. movie tickets. The same works vice versa: if you get low grades, you lose points. It’s as simple as effective.

For teachers, it was all about the ease of creating and managing content. They can work from anywhere — at home or at the workplace at school. Teachers use a whiteboard to explain topics and answer students' questions using built-in Zoom, voice and text chats, making lessons no different from in-person classroom sessions.

When the lesson is over, the recording is uploaded to the platform and is available to all students. Moreover, you can use the integrated drag-and-drop builder to add a test or survey and make sure each student understands the material — it takes absolutely no time.

There's also a calendar on the platform that helps students see all their scheduled classes, make a suitable schedule, and prepare for lessons in advance.
Using CleverLMS has made teaching easier as we don't have to waste time on emails and chats on different messengers. And yeah, thanks God, we are so happy to finally get rid of all those photos of handwritten papers with students' homework :)
Anna and Alex, UI Profi teachers

Future plans

In the near future, the school plans to conduct a few webinars to explain to parents, students, and teachers how to master the system and get the most out of it. The idea is to immerse them as much as possible in all the sections and new processes and encourage them to use the platform to its full potential.
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